A Tour of Cottage of Usher Studio

Below is a rough floor-plan of Cottage of Usher Studio as it existed in Michigan. Alas the studio is long gone and its contents are in cold storage, warehoused for an eventual reincarnation…

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Kurzweil K2000 workstation, Yamaha AN1x virtual analog, Yamaha EX5 workstation, Ensoniq TS10 workstation, Techniqs WSA1 "physical modeling" synth, Yamaha SK20 organ/string/synth unit, Yamaha SY99 FM workstation, Korg Wavestation wave sequencing synth

Roland V-Drums in front of Leslie 144 rotating speaker

Starr 1904 upright piano

Top to bottom: Hohner Clavinet D6, Hammond C3 organ, and ARP Odyssey (modified with CV in/out and external audio in/out jacks)

Top to Bottom: Oberheim Xpander, Peavey MIDI processor, E-Mu Morpheus, Roland MT-32 tone module, Kawai K5m additive synthesizer, Peavey Spectrum Analog Filter, Mackie 16-channel submixer

Dual-monitor ProTools LE system (plus many other programs and plug-ins), Peavy PC 1600x programmable MIDI controller, Blue Room monitor speakers

Top to Bottom: Roland RS-01 String Synthesizer, ARP Solina String Ensemble (modified with trigger in/out), Hammond B-3 organ (with Goff Professional modifications to tonewheel capacitors and chorus unit)

Top to bottom: Korg Microkorg virtual analog, Korg PS3100 polyphonic modular synthesizer, Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 dual-manual analog synthesizer

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Korg EX800, Yamaha TG22, Roland JD990, Presonus MP20, Apogee A/D converter, Digidesign Digi001, Patchbay, Various outboard effects including Midiveerb, Boss SE50, Lexicon Vortex, etc.

Top to Bottom: Ensoniq KMX-16 15x16 MIDI patchbay (one of two), Korg EX-8000 expander, Korg TR-rack, Casio VZ-10m, Akai S3200 sampler, Korg EX-8000, Roland JV1010 with expansion cards, Alesis QSR with expansion cards, Roland Super Jupiter, Yamaha FS1R FM module, E-Mu Planet Earth, E-Mu Proteus III World, Korg OASYS (in computer)

Top to Bottom: Kawai MCB (macro control box) and Kurzweil Ribbon Controller atop Kawai K5000W additive synthesizer, Akai AX73 programmable analog synthesizer

Acoustic percussion, cello, and violins (offscreen)

Top to Bottom: Unique DBK serial #002 (U.S. version of Bit 99), Sequential Circuits Prophet 600, Kurzweil K2600XS (my baby!), Roland Axis and AX-1 "keytar" controllers

Back to Front: ARP Minus-Noise Mixer, Moog Multimoog, Rhodes Stage 88 with custom top

Top to Bottom: Korg Polysix programamable analog synthesizer, Cazio CZ-3000 phase distortion synthesizer, Korg Trident brass/string/synth unit