Timeline of the Thoth Tarot in Popular Media

Upon its first color publication in 1971, the captivating and provocative images of the Thoth Tarot vaulted into the visual of lexicon of popular culture, lending its exotic touch to television, motion pictures, comic books, and album covers. Originally designed by Aleister Crowley and painted by Frieda Lady Harris during World War II, the Thoth Tarot quickly became one of the biggest-selling Tarot decks in the world.

This page is a real-time version of the Thoth sightings appendix from my paper “The Crowley-Harris Thoth Tarot: Collaboration and Innovation” in Emily E. Auger (ed.), Tarot in Culture (2014). That appendix reflects what I had discovered by 2009 when I presented my findings to the annual meetings of the Popular Culture Association. The list has since grown substantially, and I plan to keep it updated here.  Not included are books that deal specifically with Aleister Crowley, occultism, the Thoth Tarot, or Tarot in general, as my goal is to document the images’ spillover into other areas of popular culture.

All images are presented for educational purposes. The Thoth Tarot is © Ordo Templi Orientis, all rights reserved. The entries in this timeline indicate the studio or publisher that owns the copyright in the associated still image. Please do not repost.

Do you have a Thoth sighting not on this list? Please send a note to rk at richard-kaczynski.com, or message me on Facebook or Twitter.


McMillan & Wife. NBC. “The Night of the Wizard.” Season 2, Episode 1. 24 Sep 1972.
Night Gallery. NBC. “The Return of the Sorcerer.” Season 3, Episode 1, 24 Sep. 1972.


Blue Öyster Cult. Agent of Fortune. Columbia, 1976. Album cover.


The Uncanny. Dir. Denis Héroux. Cinévidéo. 1977.


Hart to Hart. CBS. “Sixth Sense.” Season 1, Episode 18. 11 Mar 1980.

Fantasy Fashions vintage clothing shop window display, Ann Arbor, MI.

Restaurant Le Chambertin fine-dining restaurant decor, Pointe-Claire, Quebec.


Killing Joke. “Follow the Leaders.” EG, 1981. 7″ & 10″ single cover.

Madame Xanadu #1. Steve Englehart (writer), Michael Kaluta and Marshall Rogers (artists). DC, 1981.

Pete Shelley. “Homosapien” music video.  Genetic Records/Island. 1981.


Scorpio Rose.  Steve Englehart (writer), Marshall Rogers (artist). Eclipse Comics, 1982–1983. Rpt. Steve Englehard (writer), Marshall Rogers, Coyote Collection, v. 1. Berkeley, CA: Image, 2005.


The Greatest American Hero. ABC.  “Wizards and Warlocks.” Season 3, Episode 10. 1983 (unaired). Dir. Bruce Kessler.


Decoder. Dir. Muscha. Fett Film. 19 February 1984.


20/20. ABC. Segment “The Devil Worshippers.” 16 May 1985.

Evan Robinson. Operation: Seventh Seal (TS008). TSR Hobbies, 1985.

Tales from the Darkside. CBS. “The Trouble with Mary Jane.” Season 2, episode 9, 24 Nov 1985.

Death, Infernal Death, independent, 1985. Cassette demo tape.


The Royal Family & The Poor. “We Love the Moon” b/w “White Stains.” Factory, 1986. 7″ picture disc.


Louis Tillett. Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell. Citadel. 1987.

Friday the 13th / Friday’s Curse. CBS/Paramount Television. “Hellowe’en.” Season 1, Episode 5, 26 October 1987. Dir. Timothy Bond.

Magnum P.I. CBS. “Forever in Time.” Season 8, Episode 5, 11 Nov 1987.

Grateful Dead.  So Far.  Dir. Len Dell’Amico and Jerry Garcia. BMG. 1987.


Hellbound: Hellraiser II. Dir. Tony Randel. New World Pictures. 1988.

Gods of the New Age. Jeremiah Films. 1988.


Married…with Children.  Fox.  “The Gypsy Cried.” Season 3, Episode 8, 5 Feb. 1989.

Matlock. ABC. “The Psychic.” Season 3, Episode 13, 7 March 1989. Dir. Frank Thackery.

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth. Grant Morrison (writer), Dave McKean (artist). DC, 1989.


Dark Shadows. NBC. Season 1, Episode 2, 14 January 1991. Dir. Dan Curtis.

Unsolved Mysteries. NBC. Season 3, Episode 21, 30 Jan. 1991.

Hellblazer #39, March 1991 (writer Jamie deLano, artist Steve Pugh), p. 14-16; #40, April 1991 (writer Jamie deLano, artist Dave McKean), p. 6, 30, 33. DC.

Northern Exposure. CBS. “Jules et Joel.” Season 3, Episode 5, 28 Oct. 1991.

The Real People. “The Truth” b/w “Go Away.” Columbia, 1991. 7″, CD and cassette single.

Future Kick. Dir. Damian Klaus. Concorde-New Horizons. 1991.


Matlock. ABC. “The Abduction.” Season 6, Episode 17, 6 March 1992, dir. Robert Scheerer.

Braindead (released in North America as Dead-Alive). Dir. Peter Jackson. WingNut Films. 1992.

Miracle Beach. Dir. Skott Snider. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. 1992.

Romper Stomper. Dir. Geoffrey Wright. Australian Film Commission. 1992.

W.A.S.P.  The Crimson Idol. Capitol Records, 1992. Cover artwork.

Morbid Angel. Evil Demos: Demos 86/87 (bootleg).  Earpane, ca. 1992. Cover artwork.

Cherry #13. Larry Welz (writer and artist). Last Gasp, 1992.


Cerebus #172. Dave Sim (writer and artist). Aardvark-Vanaheim, 1993.


Mystic Circle. Dark Passion. January 17, 1994. Self-produced demo cassette.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Cinar/Nickelodeon.  “The Tale of Cutter’s Treasure: Part 1.”  Season 4, Episode 4, 29 Oct. 1994.

X-Files. Fox. “3.” Season 2, Episode 7, 4 Nov. 1994.

C.C.C.C. Gnosis. Drahtfunk-Products. 1994. Cassette cover.

A Law Enforcement Guide to Satanic Cults. Dir. Lenny Magill. Mail Order Video, 1994.


Are You Afraid of the Dark? Cinar/Nickelodeon.  “The Tale of a Door Unlocked.”  Season 5, Episode 11.  27 Jan. 1996.

The Craft.  Dir. Andrew Fleming.  Columbia Pictures Corporation. 1996. (Opening montage.)

Sudden Manhattan.  Dir. Adrienne Shelly.  Phaedra Cinema. 1996.

Lycanthropy. The Veils of Sorrow. Path to Enlightenment Records. 1996. Album cover.


Sliders.  Fox.  “The Other Side of Darkness.”  Season 3, Episode 21.  11 Apr. 1997.

Strictly Supernatural. TLC. “Tarot.” 1997.


Razor Blade Smile.  Dir. Jake West. Palm Pictures. 1998.

Ordo Equilbrio. Conquest, Love, and Self-Perseverence. Cold Meat Industry, 1998. Cover artwork and promotional photography.


Dawson’s Creek. The WB. “Psychic Friends.” Season 2, Episode 17.  10 Mar 1999.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Cinar/Nickelodeon.  “The Tale of Oblivion.”  Season 6, Episode 10.  17 Apr. 1999.

Hotel Exotica. Dir Ellen Evans. Surrender Cinema. May 1, 1999.


Promethea. Alan Moore (writer), J. H. Williams III and Mick Gray (artists). America’s Best Comics, 2000-2002.


Venus and Mars. Dir. Harry Mastrogeorge. Atlantis Film. 2001 (Germany), 2003 (USA).

Jennifer Lopez. “Ain’t It Funny.” Sony, 2001. Music video. (Modified, but clearly Thoth-inspired.)

Snakes and Ladders. Alan Moore (writer), Eddie Campbell (artist). Knockabout Comics, 2001.

Glass and the Machines of God (unfinished web series). Smashing Pumpkins. Sony Records, 2001.


X-Files. Fox. “Improbable.” Season 9, Episode 13. Dir. Chris Carter. 7 April 2002.


The Fall of the House. Dir. Geoff Burton. Kurrajong Films/Australian Film Commission. 2003.


The Last Detective. ITV. “Dangerous and the Lonely Hearts.”  Series 2, Episode 4.  5 Mar. 2004. Dir. David Tucker.

Toby Lightman. “Devils and Angels.” Lava Records, 2004. Music video.


Beauty Shop. Dir. Bille Woodruff. MGM. 2005.

Born Killers (aka Piggy Banks).  Dir. Morgan J. Freeman.  Hudson River Entertainment. 2005.

Studio 666.  2005. Dir. Corbin Timbrook.  Razor. 2005.

Tarot. Dir. Eli Cross. Vivid Entertainment Group. 2005.

Garbage. “Run Baby Run.” WEA, 2005. Music video.


Chicha Tu Madre.  Dir. Gianfranco Quattrini.  Primi Quattrini. 2006.

The End of Silence.  Dir. Anita Doron.  Faith Films. 2006.

Scoop. Dir. Woody Allen. BBC Films. 2006.  (Promotional artwork only.)

The L Word. Showtime. “Labia Majora.” Season 3, episode 1, 8 Jan. 2006.

The L Word. Showtime. “Lobsters.” Season 3, episode 3, 22 Jan. 2006.

Wife Swap.  ABC.  “Thompson/Askam-Schwartz.”  Season 2, Episode 20, 6 Mar 2006.

Haunting Evidence. Court TV. “Missing Teacher.” Season 1, episode 6, 19 Jul. 2006.

Decoding the Past. History Channel. “Secrets of the Playing Cards.” Season 2, episode 6, 14 Sep. 2006.

Tool. 10,000 Days. Tool Dissectional, 2006. Lyric book.


Experiment in Torture.  Dir. Sean MacArthur.  Zoom & Doom Filmz. 2007.

The OC. WB. “The Case of the Franks.” Season 4, episode 13, 1 Feb. 2007.

“Aleister Crowley’s Moonchild” in Bedlam #7. Adapted by Stephen Sennitt & John Gallagher, art by James Fletcher, John Gallagher & David Huxley. Chimera Arts, 2007.


The Mindscape of Alan Moore. Dir. Dez Vylenz. Shadowsnake Films. 2005 (Denmark), 2008 (USA).

Thelema. Dir. Gary Parsons. Thelema Films. 2008.


Séance. Bluebird Films. 2009.

Persona 3 (videogame). Atlus. 2009.


Shooter Jennings & Hierophant. Black Ribbons.  429 Records. 2010.

Arcana.  Dir. John Longenbaugh. Open Circle Theatre, Seattle, 10 Sep – 2 Oct 2010.


Dateline. NBC. “Deadly Liaisons, The Night Before Halloween.” Season 19, Episode 53. April 15, 2011.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Century: 1969. Alan Moore (writer), Kevin O’Neill (artist).  Top Shelf Productions, 2011.

The Red Masque.  Band promotional photographs, David Pym photographer.


Szósty zmysł (Sixth Sense). Unknown episode of this Polish tv series. Dir Przemek Kossakowski. 2012.

Lao Che, “Zombi!” Mystic Production, 2012. Music video.


Taboo USA.  National Geographic. “Secret Passions.” Season 1, episode 1, 4 Jun. 2013.

Nadia Bolz-Weber. Pastrix: The Cranky, Beautiful Faith of a Sinner & Saint. New York: Jericho Books, 2013.


Myth Hunters.  American Heroes Channel.  “The Hunt for the Book of Spells.”  Season 1, episode 9, 6 Mar. 2014.

Behemoth. “The Satanist: Prologue III.” Nuclear Blast/Metal Blade/Mystic, 2014. Promotional “making of” video.

Szósty zmysl (Sixth Sense). “Balkany.” Dir. Przemek Kossakowski. 2014.


Prog (magazine), cover illustration and feature story on the band Rush, 5 Jan 2015.

Benefits Britain. Channel 5. Season 2, episode 9, 9 March 2015.

Richard Kaczynski. The Billionth Monkey. s.l.: Stanley’s Marvelous Comics, 2015.

Kayak (travel search engine), Price Forecast commercial, September 16, 2015.


Ghostbusters International, #1 p. 5 & 7. Erik Burnham (writer), Dan Schoening, Ester Salguero, and Luis A Delgado (artists). IDW Productions, January 27, 2016.

Shadowhunters.  Freeform. “This World Inverted.”  Season 1, episode 10, 14 Mar. 2016. Dir. J. Miles Dale, story Y. Shireen Razack.

The Love Witch. Dir. Anna Biller. Oscilloscope Laboratories. 2016.

Daizha Morgann and Červená Fox. Promotional photos by Radiant Inc. October 2016.


La Ragazza dei miei sogni (“The Girl of my Dreams“). Dir. Saverio Di Biagio. Draka Distribution. 2017.

Pretty Addicted. “Panic Demon” music video. Dir Vicious Precious. 2017.

The Grand Midway Hotel in Windber, PA, seeks to get into the Guinness Book of World’s Records in its new category for the World’s Largest Tarot Card for the mural in their dining room. 23 February 2017.

The Cosmic Trigger, promotional poster by Amoeba Designs for the theatrical adaptation by Daisy Campbell (after the work of Robert Anton Wilson), May 2017.

Tucker Carlson Tonight, news program, Fox News, September 19, 2017.

Fiona Pardington. Altar. Part of the Occulture: The Dark Arts exhibition at City Gallery Wellington (Auckland, NZ), August 12 – November 19, 2017.


The March 13 Twitter profile pic for Cocaine and Rhinestones podcaster Tyler Mahan Coe (son of outlaw country musician David Allan Coe) shows the lovely Thoth-based tattoo on his right hand.

Behemoth. “O Father, O Satan, O Sun.” Nuclear Blast/Metal Blade/Mystic. Music video by Grupa 13, released April 13, 2018.

Wolves in the Throne Room, “Art Tarot Shirt,” ca. July 2018.

Pulchra Morte. “Soulstench.” Music video. August 15, 2018. Ceremonial Records.

The Only Way Is Essex. ITVBe. Season 23, Episode 3, 16 September 2018.

Maniac.  Netflix. “Exactly Like You.”  Season 1, episode 5, 21 September 2018. Dir. Cary Fukunaga, story Cary Fukunaga and Amelia Gray.

Thomas Silver. “D-Day” music video from The Gospel According to Thomas. Volcano Records. Directed by Andrea Poli Dirolan, released October 4, 2018.

Aura (aka The Exorcism of Karen Walker). Dir. Steve Lawson. Hereford Films. November 8, 2018.

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio. Promotional concert poster, November 24, 2018.


Cosmic Girls (aka WJSN, 우주소녀). “La La Love.” Starship Entertainment, January 8, 2019. Music video.

Rent: Live. Fox. January 27, 2019. Executive producer Marc E. Platt.

The Kids Are Alright. ABC. “Vietnam.” Season 1, Episode 12, 2 February 2019. Dir. Rebecca Asher.

Eaten by Lions. Jason Wingard. Mecca Films. Released March 29, 2019.

Satin Jackets. “Just Like You.” Eskimo Recordings. Music video by GLASHIER released May 29, 2019.

Strange Angel. CBS. “The Lovers.” Season 2, Episode 3, 26 Jun 2019. Dir. Mark Heyman.

UNHhhh. World of Wonder. “Astrology Pt. 2—Trixie’s a Virgo Who Can’t Drive.” Season 4, Episode 26, 24 Jul 2019.

Critical Role. Web series. “Shadow of the Crystal Palace.” July 29, 2019.

Nixie. “The Tower.” Music video. August 19, 2019. Dir. Kyle James-Patrick.

J. K. Rowling. Twitter. Header image updated circa November 26, 2019.


Blue Öyster Cult. 40th Anniversary – Agents of Fortune – Live 2016. Frontiers Music Srl. January 2020.

Decorum, #1. Jonathan Hickman (words), Mike Huddleston (art), Rus Wooton (letters), Sasha E. Head (design). Image Comics, March 11, 2020.

The UnXplained. History Channel. “Vampires and Werewolves.” Season 1, Episode 15, 18 April 2020.

Conjuring: The Book of the Dead. Dir. Richard Driscoll. Monarch Films. 17 Jan 2020 (UK)/1 Sep 2020 (US).

My Psychedelic Love Story. Dir. Errol Morris. Showtime. October 22, 2020.


Katla. Netflix. Trailer released May 28, 2021.

Eros/Psyche #4. Ablaze. Variant covers D and G by Sabine Rich. June 23, 2021.

The Breathing Process. “Shroud” music video. Unique Leader Records. July 14, 2021.

“Sex Magic Money Murder.” Heist, episodes 1 & 2. Dir. Derek Doneen. Netflix. July 14, 2021.

John Zorn/Brian Marsella Trio. Meditations on the Tarot. Tzadik. October 1, 2021.

Witch Hunt. Dir. Elle Callahan. Momentum Films. 2021.

“Banimento Sombrio.” Raphael Fernandes (words), Má Matiazi (art), Bruno Brunelli and Má Matiazi (colors). In Astrum Argentum de Aleister Crowley. EditoraDraco, 2021.

Aiwass. “Man as God.” Music video by Niuvis Martin and Hellcat Pictures, released September 16, 2021.

“The Witches of Angel’s Rise.” Midsomer Murders, season 22, episode 6. ITV. October 18, 2021.


Euphoria. HBO. “The Theater and Its Double.” Season 2, Episode 7. February 20, 2022. Dir Sam Levinson.

Exit Veil (videogame). Cherrymochi Game Studio. 2022.

Vickie Carroll. The Magician Card (Prediction: Murder? book 1). Witchy Mysteries. June 9, 2022.

Monobjo. “Luna” music video. Heliopolis. Released November 1, 2022.


Dead Hot: Season of the Witch. Bunim-Murray Productions. Tubi. April 14, 2023.

Thank You to the Thoth-Spotters:

Emily Auger added significantly and generously to this list by sharing research from her book, Cartomancy and Tarot in Film 1940-2010.  Thanks also to the following keen-eyed Thoth-spotters who brought their sightings to my attention: Brandy Alexander, Matthew Andrews, Krzysztof Azarewicz, Kikhos Ba-Midhbar, Antti Balk, Richard King Batchelor, William Breeze, Keith Brough, Liesl Cluff, Lisa Coffin, Madeleine le Despencer, Charles DeYoe, Eric Escalante, Frater AAA, Frater Haën, Richard Grieve, Ted Hand, Christian Hartman, Skott Holck, George Hoornet, Sophia Horodysky, Hypathia, Steven Intermill, Danny Johnson, Frater Julianus, Marcus Katz, Michael Kellar, Matt Kramer, Hank Kuhfeldt, Ron Lelito, Lutz Lemke, Sabrina Luna, Maevius Lynn, Shellay Maughan, Steven McIntosh, Jessica Melusine, Judah Nagler, Julian Nichols, Stephanie Olmstead-Dean, Gary Parsons, Neil Pettijohn, Chris Phosphorus, Brian Pires, David Poole, Jen Prestage, Hattie Quinn, Laurence Roberts, Dionysius Rogers, Justin Saul, Peter Scott, Sondra L. Scott, Frater Serendipitous, Jeremiah Shee, Thomas Silver, Trina Simpson-Parker, Curt Steinmetz, Arild Strømsvåg, Patrick Sullivan, Christopher Surprise, Bryce Svob, Joseph Thiebes, Alessandro Tozzi, Patrick Vance, Marco Visconti, Chris Walker, Mark Walker, Geoff Waltrip, Ilan Weiler, and Mary Widow.