Announcing the release of the hilarious new
weird fiction/Fortean fantasy novel

The Billionth Monkey


Richard Kaczynski

It’s like a meme come true…

Professor Niels Belanger is having the week from hell. The chair of his department has quit. The cute waitress at Café du Monde won’t speak to him. And now one of his students is trying to kill him. Belanger has stumbled into the deadly fantasy world of Nicholas Young, a partying frat boy whose unhealthy obsession with acting out urban legends has gone just a teensy bit over to the dark side.

Everything changes when Belanger encounters the most unusual woman he has ever met: a wildly nonconformist goth who technically shouldn’t exist. Yet the fact that she does forces him to accept that something much bigger and stranger is warping the shopworn fabric of reality.

But are the two of them enough to stop a Millennial under-achiever from impossibly destroying the world?


Also includes the free six-page comic book Hamlet Special Edition, featuring:


“This book is endlessly creative. If you even think you like weird fantasy, you will love The Billionth Monkey.”

Steve Englehart, creator of Star-Lord,
Coyote, and the definitive Batman

“This is funny and magic(k)al. Kaczynski has written a crazy quest novel equals parts of Dan Brown and Terry Pratchett. Can Professor Belanger and the quantumly impossible Destiny Jones defeat _____? (Can’t write the Dread Name). In some universes this is already a Hollywood blockbuster.”

—Don Webb, Through Dark Angles

The Billionth Monkey is an adrenaline shot to the heart of twenty-first century American cultural consciousness, an outrageously intelligent alternate universe where urban legends are real. Kaczynski’s playful wit belies a profound wisdom that affects the brain like an overdose of smartness pills. One cannot resist the temptation to evoke Douglas Adams and Robert Anton Wilson when describing the experience. As delightfully funny and entertaining as it is enlightening.”

Lon Milo DuQuette,
Accidental Christ: The Story of Jesus as Told to His Uncle
and Aleister Crowley: Revolt of the Magicians

“It’s super! …except for the naughty bits.”

—Cohor Woolstenhulme, Arouse! magazine

“You’d be nuts not to reach into your coin purse and slap a pair of sheckels down in vast deference to this book. The Billionth Monkey just may be the most significant English literary work since Hamlet Special Edition.”

—Simeon Nichols-Woking, Shakespeare’s Globes
Central University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne

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A limited edition of 100 hardcover copies of The Billionth Monkey are being offered exclusively through this website. Features include:

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