As Editor or Co-Editor

Richard Kaczynski edited and typeset "Fire of Motion" (2017), proceedings of the Tenth National OTO Conference in Austin, TX.

The festschrift "Success Is Your Proof: One Hundred Years of O.T.O. in North America" (2015) was co-edited by me, Frater Iskandar, and Frater Taos, and contains my paper "Panic in Detroit: The Rise and Fall of a North American Supreme Grand Council (Almost)," 85–100.

Richard Kaczynski co-edited and typeset "Neither East nor West" (2015), proceedings of the Ninth National OTO Conference in Sacramento, CA.

Richard Kaczynski co-edited and typeset "Manifest Thy Glory" (2013), proceedings of the Eighth National OTO Conference in Detroit, MI.

Richard Kaczynski co-edited and typeset "Unity Uttermost Showed!" (2011), proceedings of the Seventh National OTO Conference in Seattle, WA.

Richard Kaczynski edited and typeset issue 3 (2010) of "Neshamah," official journal of the OTO Psychology Guild.

Richard Kaczynski co-edited and typeset "Beauty and Strength" (2009), proceedings of the Sixth National OTO Conference in Salem, MA.

Richard Kaczynski edited and typeset issue 2 (2008) of "Neshamah," official journal of the OTO Psychology Guild.

"The Revival of Magick and Other Essays" (1998), edited by Hymenaeus Beta and Richard Kaczynski, collects essays which Crowley wrote for a popular audience, thus giving some of his clearest thinking on the principles of Thelema and Magick.

On Video

"Aleister Crowley: The Great Beast 666" (2007) is Donna Zuckerbrot's excellent documentary on Crowley originally produced as an episode of Canadaian Vision TV program "Enigma." It includes interviews with Lon Milo DuQuette, Richard Kaczynski and Marco Pasi.

"Dan Burnstein's Secrets of the Occult" (2006) provides an engaging 60-minute capsule history of the occult...not an easy task! Includes interview footage with Richard Kaczynski, James Wasserman, and others.

Honorable Mention

"Science vet Vie Junior," March 2012

"The Daily Mail," November 10, 2011.

When a silly conspiracy theory in 2012 claimed that Aleister Crowley was the evil mastermind behind the deaths that followed the discovery of King Tut’s tomb, journalists from around the world asked Crowley’s premiere biographer, Richard Kaczynski, to weigh in. Above are two examples of the press coverage which quoted Kaczynski: England’s Daily Mail and the French science magazine for school children (!), Science et Vie Junior.

The "Times Literary Supplement" for November 11, 2012, proclaimed Richard Kaczynski's Perdurabo to be "the major biography to date" of Aleister Crowley. High praise indeed from Phil Baker, himself the author of superb biographies of Austin Osman Spare and Dennis Wheatley.

Richard Kaczynski's 1997 paper for the American Psychological Association, "The Satanic ritual abuse controversy: A case of groupthink?", was cited in the textbook "Psychology" by Carole Wade and Carol Tavris (2000).

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