Richard Kaczynski was interviewed in the summer solstice 2020 issue of occult, arts and music zine La Voix de Satan (#6). There’s also a review of Perduarbo.

The spring 2017 issue of “Signpost” included Richard Kaczynski’s article “Cartomancy in the Cotswolds: Frieda Lady Harris and Aleister Crowley at Chipping Campden,” pages 7–11.

The premiere issue of Solståndet (2015), official publication of OTO Sweden, included Richard Kaczynski’s article “‘J. F. C. Fuller: From Agnostic to Gnostic,” 1(1):20-27.

The fall 2012 issue of “Behutet” printed an excerpt from Richard Kaczynski’s newest release, “Forgotten Templars.”

The summer 2012 issue of Agapé included Richard Kaczynski’s article “‘Get Something Started!’: An Excerpt from ‘Forgotten Templars: The Untold Origins of Ordo Templi Orientis.'”

“Mind Body & Spirit” invited Richard Kaczynski to introduce readers of their summer 2011 issue to the new edition of “Perdurabo” with the article “Introducing ‘Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley,’ revised and expanded.”

The third issue of “Neshamah” (2010) contains Richard Kaczynski’s article “The method of science: Ten steps toward scientific illuminism.”

The autumn 2009 issue of “Tarosophist International” includes Richard Kaczynski’s article “Iconic or iconoclastic? The Thoth Deck and the Western esoteric tradition.”

The premiere issue of “Cheth” (2005), journal of 418 Lodge, published Richard Kaczynski’s “Structure of the Consecration of the Elements in the Gnostic Mass.”

“Neshamah” (2005), the premiere issue of the OTO Psychology Guild’s official journal, contains two articles by Richard Kaczynski: “Metaphysical Belief Correlates in a Behaviorally Committed Sample” and “The Satanic Ritual Abuse Controversy: A Case of Groupthink?”

“High Times” (Nov. 2003) contains Richard Kaczynski’s article “Wine and Strange Drugs: Aleister Crowley’s Quest for Enlightenment.”

“Different Worlds: Journal of Adventure Gaming” (1987), issue 45, contains Richard Kaczynski’s article “H. P. Lovecraft and the Necronomicon.”

“Different Worlds: Journal of Adventure Gaming” (1986), issue 44, contains Richard Kaczynski’s article “A History of Secret Societies.”

“Different Worlds: Journal of Adventure Gaming” (1986), issue 43, contains Richard Kaczynski’s article “An Occult Who’s Who for the 1920s.”

Selected Academic Publications

In The Pomegranate: The International Journal of Pagan Studies (2020, volume 22 issue 2), Richard Kaczynski reviews The Dark Lord and Servants of the Star & the Snake.

“Computed Tomography: New Research” (2013) contains three orthodontic research papers co-authored by Richard Kaczynski as statistician.

Antipsychotic Trials in “Schizophrenia: The CATIE Project” (2010) contains papers on the multisite treatment effectiveness clinical trials called CATIE. Richard Kaczynski is co-author on a chapter dealing with family outcomes.

This is an offprint of an article from the journal “Clinical Approaches in Bipolar Disorders” (2004), which included a literature review on treatment regimen adherence (for which Richard Kaczynski was a co-author).

Richard Kaczynski was lead author, along with colleagues Robert Rosenheck and Sandra Resnick, on the article “A psychometric study of empowerment and confidence among veterans with psychiatric disabilities” in the “Journal of Rehabilitation” in 2009.

For this 2003 special issue of “Seminars in Orthodontics” focusing on orthodontics and gnathology, Richard Kaczynski was a guest editor and a co-author of several articles.

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